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How charities can use social media for digital campaigning.

I’m working (as i may have mentioned) with Dr Abhay Adhikari on a series of seminars for those working in the arts, culture, heritage and creative sectors.

You can read more about the 3 different workshops taking place in York (1 -3 May)  here and /or here .

In the meantime you may be interested in this article Abhay wrote for The Guardian’s website:

How charities can use social media for digital campaigning.

Social media thrives on conversations. It isn’t meant for broadcast but for engagement, and that should play to the strengths of voluntary sector campaigns. However, digital campaigning is still regarded as replicating campaign messages and relationships from the physical world in the digital landscape. Basically, trying to reach out to the same people, saying the same things online. And that is where many organisations should tread carefully.

Here are four ways to think about your digital offering in a different way:…

…Read the full article on The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network Blog.

You can follow Abhay on twitter – @gopaldass

ISAN Environmental Sustainability Toolkit

Just caught wind of this… looks like a really useful publication for anyone in the outdoor creative industries and events…

The ISAN Environmental Sustainability Toolkit is now live and downloadable for free from the Downloads section of the ISAN website and from Julie’s Bicycle. The Toolkit focuses on practical achievable measures and highlights examples of good practice from case studies covering a range of presentation platforms, generic processes and contexts. It contains good practice guidelines, resource information, a glossary of terms and useful contacts to facilitate the creation of environmentally sustainable outdoor art.

It is designed to help the wider outdoor arts constituency to develop sustainable practice. It is intended to be used by both small and large organisations as a means to support and develop greener and more efficient working practices.

read more about this and ISAN on their website :