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Seeking Sponsorship!

I’m doing something I almost never do, and seeking out sponsors… please read on!


Mind the Gap Theatre Co in Bradford have been a part of my working life for over 15 years now… from my very early days as a touring production manager to recent years as the Creative Producer for their Olympics projects in 2012. They are a great company doing great work and i’ve made some great friends there over the years.
For the last 11 months or so MTG have been running their Silver Challenge


“This year Mind the Gap is 25 years old! To celebrate we have launched a brand new and exciting fundraising campaign called The Silver Challenge. Running until June 2014, the aim is to raise funds towards our main programme of work and to encourage individual fundraising activities amongst our supporters, friends and families – our target is to raise £10,000.

We are offering £10 to each person who signs up, to be invested in a creative idea or fundraising event to get you started. And because we are part of Arts Council England’s Catalyst Scheme we can match fund £1 for £1 any amount that is raised!”

I signed up at the launch party back in June of 2013… then somewhere along the way blithely said i was going to learn to play the Ukulele as my fundraising challenge! Time passed and I eventually started with a month left until the end of the challenge period…. and now with just a week to go I really need to gather sponsors to help me along the way.

I’ve struggled to work out how to evidence that i have learned to play. But have settled on the idea of a YouTube video posted up online… That should be arriving early next week… watch this space.

I’ve set a high target of raising a £1000 – for 3 reasons:

1 – I know you are all very (very) generous.
2 – I never usually do sponsored anything – so i’m using all my goes up here.
3 – It really is not about me learning the Uke – but about supporting the great work that Mind the Gap does…

You can go to and dig deep! and i promise it will be at least 15 years until i ask for sponsorship again!

Spread the word!