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Arts ‘bucket list’ for kids?

National Trust Outdoors 'bucket list'

News is spreading about the new National Trust outdoors ‘bucket list’ of ’50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ which will be launched across their sites on the 21st of April. (you can click the thumbnail to see the list). I’m pleased to say that the young Pughs (3 and 5 yrs old) are already over half way through the list!

(*Update* – the NT’s 50things website – )

This all got me thinking about the importance of engaging in the arts for young peoples development too. I thought that perhaps we could put our heads together and come up with a list of 50 creative things to do before you are 11¾.

I don’t imagine this will be the first time someone has complied this list, nor is it likely to inform policy at any level – but you know, it doesn’t hurt to mull these things over from time to time, and it might even generate some interesting opportunities or ideas!

So then… tweet me with ideas using the #artsbucket tag or email me and i’ll add ideas to the list below (with credit of course!)

The ideas can be simple or aspirational, they can be about taking part or about watching or listening.

Try and keep them realistic and, who knows, together we may be able to make more of them happen more regularly.

50 (ish) creative things to do before you are 11¾

(in no particular order!)

1. Take part in a parade.
2. hear a live orchestra.
3. paint a picture bigger than you are.
4. make a pinhole camera.
5. make up a story with friends.
6. learn some lines to take part in a play.
7. do a Bollywood dance class.
8. make (and light) a lantern.

… over to you twitter…

Thanks to Kim Biddulph – @comtessa69 for:

9. write a haiku.
10. do public speaking.
11. make an outdoor temporary artwork.
12. learn middle English and recite Chaucer.
13. learn old English and recite Beowulf.

Thanks to Mike Leigh Cooper – @Mikeleighcooper

14. do a photo montage of where I live with my name or a phrase on it (messy fun!)
15. make a music video.
16. make a holiday video diary.

Thanks to Lisa Mallaghan – @mrsmallaghan

17. build a fire (with a grown up).

Thanks to Clare McIntyre – @Witchcreations

18. make your own costume for something, and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Thanks (again) to Kim Biddulph – @comtessa69 for adding:

19. play or sing in a band.
20. make a movie.
21. recreate a tableau from an old master.

Thanks to Mat Lazenby – @Mat_LB

22. DJ at a party
23. Learn to MindMap
24. Sculpt wrinkly likenesses of relatives
25. Build a shelter and sleep in it

Thanks to Craig Vear – @craigvear

26. make noise music with an electric guitar
27. listen to own voice through a microphone and headphones
28. learn ‘clapping music’ by Steve Reich
29. make cut-up music in Audacity
30. listen to a woodland for 5 minutes
31. Improvise a song with friends in a big cathedral
32. play a drumkit with gusto
33. create a live improvisation with someone from another country (via Skype, ninjam etc)
34. hyper-audition your city (using a mic and headphones)

Thanks (again) to Mat Lazenby – @Mat_LB

35. Send a message in a bottle
36. Make a real mosaic
37. Keep a picture diary of dreams
38. Learn to cook your own play dough

Thanks (again) to Lisa Mallaghan – @mrsmallaghan

39. dress up in costumes / grown ups clothes and pretend you’re someone else

Thanks to Jane Earnshaw – @ilovewestleeds

40. visit an artists studio
41. go to a panto
42. customise your own clothes

Thanks to Mar Dixion – @MarDixon

43. roll down a hill in white clothes
44. scream in the woods
45. make a daisy chain
46. finger paint
47. learn at least one piece of classical music (Flight of the Bumble Bee)
48. learn about a fun artist
49. have a fav museum
50. make a snow angel
51. pick up a worm
52. pet a lizard
53. Dance in the rain
54. eat dirt

Thanks to Lizzie Forbes Ritte – @LizzieRFR

55. Face paint yourself or someone else
56. make a diarama
57. draw a city on a pavement in chalk
58. make as many snowflakes as you can and hang them in your room
59. go to the theatre
60. make your own film
61. make a play
62. make a city in sand and then pretend you are a giant and destroy it
63. learn an instrument
64. sing with a choir
65. paint a picture using body parts.

Thanks to Carole Pugh – @carolepugh

66. make animals out of vegetables

Thanks to Casey Morrison – @caseymorrison

67. find out how your ears receive sounds by listening in different rooms, with fingers in ears etc

Thanks to Marion Boddy-Evans – @painting

68. stick up all your paintings on the wall at home and pretend you are having an art exhibition.

* which reminded me of one that young pughs 1&2 do together a lot :

69. Gather up your cuddly toys and organise a festival for them.

Thanks to Rob Wylie – @RWileECoyote

70. attend a sporting event
71. make an igloo

Thanks to Emily Crossland – @EmilyCrossland

72. play music from a different culture to your own.
73. strive to experience total silence.