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Raghu Dixit: Unplugged (Live in York)

I’ve had the privilege, over the last few months, of working on a project with the brilliant (and charming) Indian musician Raghu Dixit.

He and his band came and spent a day at the National Centre for Early Music in York, and in the skillful hands of engineer Leaf Troup and producer Craig Vear we created a stunning live release:

Listen & download on iTunes:

Unplugged (Live in York) – Raghu Dixit

or on Amazon if you prefer:

Raghu Dixit: Unplugged (Live in York)

(also on 90 other online stores in 240 countries)

This new release is Raghu’s first new project of 2012.

It is an intimate, largely acoustic set in which Raghu demonstrates his powerful vocal style and guitar work on favourites that include “No Man Will Ever Love You Like I Do”, the song that transformed his career when he sang it live on Later With Jools, to an audience that included fellow-guests Adele, Robert Plant and Arcade Fire. This set also includes a new version of the witty and thoughtful “Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo”, written by one of the great Kannada poets, Saint Shishunala Sharif. There’s one previously unreleased song, the poignant English-language ballad “I Still Love You”, which was inspired by a romantic story from another Kannada poet, written over a hundred years ago.

The recording’s producer, Olivier Award nominee Graig Vear, used 3d recording and mastering techniques to immerse the listener in the setting of this intimate, special performance. The National Centre for Early Music provides the perfect backdrop for this sort of project.

In addition to the live tracks from York, the EP is interspersed with binaural recordings taken in India, atmosphere from the concert (including Raghu talking about the inspiration for some of the tracks) and Vear has also included a beautiful, atmospheric remix of “Soruthihudu Maneya Maligi”.

Throughout the project we’ve had tremendous support from Raghu’s UK & international teams including: Robert Horsfall at Sound Advice, Paul Knowles at the Jenral Music Group and Gaurav Vaz. My thanks go to all of them.

Raghu has a very busy season coming up and is back in the UK in April for a collaboration with Bellowhead, along with Gauri Sharma Tripathi. They are working together to create a concept concert, based on Girish Karnad’s Kannada Folk Tale, Hayavadana.

The concert will premiere at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the 18th and 19th of April as part of Alchemy 2012.

Raghu is also going to be appearing on BBC One on The Andrew Marr Show on the 15th of April, live to over 2 million viewers, between 9 and 10 AM.

The ‘Live in York’ Project Credits include: 

Raghu Dixit – Vocals/Acoustic guitar
Gaurav Vaz – Bass
Vijay Joseph – Guitar
HN Bhaskar – Violin
Wilfred D’Moz – Drums/Percussion
Recorded live at: National Centre for Early Music, York, UK
Date: 17th July, 2011
Project produced by: Ben Pugh
Recorded and engineered by: Leaf Troup
Mastered by: Craig Vear
Sleeve Art: Mat Lazenby 
(p) 2011 Raghu Dixit / (c) 2011 Raghu Dixit