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Get The Blessing | NCEM

This just hit my radar! (busy few weeks) but tickets are still available on the door if you fancy a great night of live music:

Winners of the BBC Jazz Award 2008 for their debut album ‘All Is Yes,’ this band is one of the UK’s most exciting live bands. Featuring bassist Jim Barr and drummer Clive Deamer from trip-hop legends PORTISHEAD, plus the twin horns and electronics of saxophonist Jake McMurchie and trumpeter Pete Judge, they have forged a unique signature sound that defies easy classification, yet never loses sight of thumping tunes, infectious beats or joyous collective spontaneity.

Their latest album OC:DC is released this year ahead of a European tour. Influences range from Ornette Coleman and Tortoise, to Blondie and Samuel Beckett. 

”this outfit will surely recharge the jazz world” BBC Music Magazine

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To listen to the new album you can download at iTunes:

OC DC – Get the Blessing

Or for more information visit