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A Sentimental Journey

Towards the end of March at York Theatre Royal the Open Work Ensemble are producing – A Sentimental Journey – A digital opera for a mixed ensemble of technologies, remote audiences and live performers. 4 musicians, 4 laptops, and an actor/singer.

You can read up on – 

The group are looking for your captured ‘moments of distraction’:

Many of us carry smart phones that make it easier than ever to capture those moments of distraction (a glance, a pause) whilst on a journey. If you have any words, images and videos that you would like to share, please send them our way. We intend to use some of these in our live performance.

So to get the ball rolling… here are a couple of short audio clips i’ve grabbed on my travels:

Cooling Train at Leeds Station 

(if the audio player isn’t showing click – Cooling Train)


Monks on Regent Street London

(if the audio player isn’t showing click – Regent Street London)

There is an old adage that the best camera is the one you have with you, same applies here, these recordings were made on my iPhone just using the standard iOS voice memo recorder.

have a think about contributing sounds, images, words etc… you can tweet using the hashtag #DigitalOpera and be sure to follow @_Y0R1CK for updates.