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SambaSunda Quintet – Sunday 19 February – NCEM

There is a great world music season coming up again at the NCEM in York. First up are SambaSunda Quintet on the 19th of Feb.

The NCEM website says:

These groundbreaking gamelan innovators have a flair for experimentation. In their latest incarnation, the Quintet reflect a tradition of Sundanese music whilst also creating something fresh, modern and original. The music is centred on the kacapi, a boat-shaped zither whose mellifluous tones have been heard in Sunda (West Java) for centuries. Using kacapi, violin, suling (flute) and the unique, tuned kendang (drums) to accompany singer (and dancer!) Rita Tila, SambaSunda use an ancient repertoire to articulate a distinctly urban accent suffused with a contemporary awareness of global sounds.

This concert is part of the Making Tracks series bringing the newest and most exciting music from around the globe to 12 major music venues in the UK.

“While unmistakably Sundanese, the band’s musicians add subtle elements… that extend the music into something new and different, and always [with] a few delightful and surprising twists along the way” – SONGLINES

“Clashing gongs, lilting drums, sparkling flutes and cantering vibes all somehow manage to create a sound which is unique, modern and imaginative (…) Every country and every traditional style of music needs musical pioneers… Fortunately for Indonesia, Sambasunda have taken up the challenge with style and gusto.”  – BBC radio 3

For more information visit

So if this sounds like your thing – click over to the NCEM and book your tickets.

While we’re (broadly speaking) in that part of the world i’d personally recommend eating at to get you in the mood. It is just a few minutes walk away from the venue and open from 12 until 9PM on a Sunday.