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Modern Mysteries 2012 – opportunity for local writers

The York branch of Script Yorkshire, in partnership with the York Mystery Plays 2012 team, will be celebrating the major re-staging of the York Mystery Plays back in the Museum Gardens during August of next year.

We’re inviting local writers, with whatever previous experience, to submit a first draft of a short script inspired by some of the plays within the York Mystery Cycle to match those chosen by Mike Kenny for the 2012 production. This opportunity is open to one and all, regardless of having membership to Script Yorkshire.

‘Inspired’ is the key word and we are wanting writers to be imaginative in style and setting rather than revisit the original plays too closely. The originals are the catalyst, the possibilities endless.

The writers whose first draft ‘Modern Mysteries’ are chosen will then receive the opportunity to develop a second and third draft through working alongside a number of different actors to hear, discuss and improve their script before taking it into performed readings during August 2012.

The plays submitted will be read by a panel, including Mike Kenny (Adapter of the Mystery 2012 project as well as of the Olivier Award winning production of the Railway Children) and Liam Evans – Ford (Community Producer on Mystery Plays 2012) The panel will collectively choose the winners.



Plays must be no more than 15 minutes in length

Plays must be inspired by, or be a response to, the following Mystery Plays:

– The Tanners Play – The Creation.

– The Cowpers and the Armourers – The Fall, and the Expulsion from Paradise.

– The Shipwrights, the Fishers and The Mariners – Noah and the Flood.

– The Girdlers and the Nailers – the Flight into Egypt and the Massacre of the Innocents.

– The Cordwainers – the agony in the Garden and the Betrayal.

– The Saddlers – the Harrowing of Hell.

– The Carpenters – the Resurrection.


Deadline for submissions is Friday 28th October

Plays must be submitted on an anonymous basis to Liam Evans-Ford, York Mystery Plays 2012, York Theatre Royal, St Leonards Place, Y01 7HD

Writers are to deliver their script using a large envelope. Inside the large envelope, they should also place a smaller (sealed) envelope. The sealed envelope should hold their name, phone number(s), email and address. This will not be opened until the scripts have been chosen.

For your initial reference we recommend you look at York Mystery Plays, A Selection in Modern Spelling (Oxford World’s Classics) Edited by Richard Beadle and Pamela M. King


N.B – We are keeping an open mind towards how many submissions are successful. We will make sure to have made our decisions by the end of November 2011. Due to the possible amount of submissions we will only be able to contact successful applicants.